What alcohol products go well with a particular type of coffee?

I enjoy the odd Irish Coffee occasionally.

What alcohol products go well with a particular type of coffee?

Desiring to expand my coffee/alcohol combos, I would like to know what types of coffee goes well with what type of alcohol?


It may be regarded opinion based, I assume.

The reason for that is there are huge numbers of alcoholic beverages and also huge number of coffee-based beverages. Make the calculation for each possible pairing and add people's preferences.

Maybe, such a thread may be less vulnerable: "Which coffee-based beverages get along together with Cognac?"

Still, this is just my opinion.

  • Even if there were some objective measure of how well an alcohol paired with a coffee type, I would still be inclined to flag the question as too broad. – Nick Udell Oct 24 '16 at 11:27

Despite the dangers of too-broad or opinion-based, I'd be okay with that question if it were aimed at a certain target, such as roast-level, application (e.g., pre-dinner/aperitif, after-dinner/digestif, dessert), content (cream/milk or no), flavouring (anisette, orange, fruit, ...).

That said, I'm having trouble identifying a spirit or liqueur that would not go with coffee... can you think of counter-examples?

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