Some baristas have an interesting story to share and there are various things that even regular customers do wrong and it drives them nuts. I don't exactly remember, but once there was a barista who once posted (not on stackexchange) about how he used to get angry at a customer who used a straw to drink his coffee. The problem with this customer was he was drinking a special type of coffee which is prepared in layers (I would be grateful if someone points out the name for me) and by using a straw he was drinking the layers in a reverse order (bottom-most first). Can I ask questions about similar experiences here?


In my opinion, such experiences may be quite subjective. Therefore, it will be difficult to define the correct answer, which is against the format of the site. Thus, I opt for no.

  • Also, it'll turn into anecdote.stackexchange.com. not good. Jun 19 '17 at 20:15

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