I see two tags that seem to be synonymous:

I can't think of any use of "drip" that's on-topic here that would not be identical to "drip-coffee".


  • As @Robert says below, the right way is merge/rename/delete to have only one tag.
  • removed this ill considered aside... Meta-meta: should any tag on Coffee.SE contain the string "coffee"?

The process is actually called "drip brewing", so I would just rename the tag(s) to . No synonym needed; text completion will help users find the proper tag: dripdrip-brew

Meta-meta answer: I didn't actually have a problem with using the word "coffee" in a tag… assuming that was the proper nomenclature for that particular process. Calling it something else would not help improve clarity, but we don't have a tag called "french press coffee" or "moka coffee", so in this case, the point is somewhat moot.

  • Agreed; merging/renaming is what I should have said, and is the right thing in this case; but the meta-tag is currently tag-synonyms, so that's the word I (mis-)used. +1 for drip-brew to be the only (and replace all) drip.* tag(s); who makes these happen? Meta-agreed also on the tags containing the word "coffee" -- the current ones seem to make sense.
    – hoc_age
    Feb 11 '15 at 20:30

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