This was inspired by a few recent posts. Currently we have a couple of tags: and that contain the word. While the second could lose it easily enough (maybe would be nicer?), what about the first? doesn't feel quite right, but neither does having 'coffee' in the tag.

So this question is two fold:

  1. Should the word coffee be removed/banned from all tag names?

  2. If so, what do we do with the existing ones that do have it?


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Personally I don't think that coffee should be removed from the tags unless it is very redundant.

For example, the tag would be much more ambiguous as or . You could then be talking about the flavor of the coffee, or adding flavor shots to a coffee. I think that in certain tags, especially ones like , we need to keep the word coffee. I feel like needs to have the word coffee in it too.

In other situations, such as , I think that it could be removed entirely. That example is just a hypothetical one though to show where it does get redundant.


I don't think "coffee" needs to be banned outright from tags, though if others disagree I won't hold that position at all strongly.

If you do want to remove it from tags, I might suggest replacing the existing ones with and . They're a little less odd than just and , especially because is more likely to describe questions about how different types and styles of bean, grind, or preparation can affect flavor--which is a different topic entirely from discussing flavored coffee.


In general, if it would be obvious from the context that a tag refers to coffee (this is a coffee Q&A site, after all), we might as well leave it out. However, I don't see the need for a hard-and-fast rule here (or indeed, in most places on StackExchange sites).

As others have mentioned, other tags may need the word coffee in them for clarification (eg. , which is not the same thing as , or even ).


No, no question should not have that tag.

It is weird having that tag when the site itself is about coffee. It's not an factor or aspect of coffee, it is coffee. Having "coffee" is probably not acceptable. If you can't find the tag you need, get to 125 rep and make a new one.

Like the others, people can include coffee in their tags for more detail. I'm perfectly fine with that and so are the mods.

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